Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cake #2

Well here is the second cake that we did today in class. We learned how to work with a grass tip and also how to make trees out of royal icing! It was a super fun cake to make.

There is a funny story to go along with this cake. Have you ever heard the excuse, my dog ate my home work? Well, last night while I was making the icing for the bottom part of the cake, I had put the cake I was going to use out on the counter. There was a bit of a hole in the top where it did not come out of the pan as well as I would have liked, but I had planned to fill it with icing.

So as I am making the icing, Andrew comes in and starts talking to me. I was just enjoying the conversation while making icing. But then I looked over and saw that Andrew was making the hole bigger by munching on the top of the cake! Needless to say I quickly informed him that he was eating my homework! We had a good laugh over it.

P.S.: In Andrew's defense, we had eaten the first round that I had made with this cake. So when he saw the hole on top of this cake he thought it was also free game. :)


  1. Awesome cake! I love the little pond too. Andrew and Aaron are so alike in SOOO many ways. I can definitely see him eating my homework if I were in a cooking class.

  2. Thats soo awesome! From first glance I thought it was a frog, haha. I like the trees.

  3. That looks really cool. I agree with carrie, the pond is pretty dang awesome! Oh andrew..... lol