Monday, October 11, 2010

Priceless Lemonade

When I got home from school the other day, Andrew went to the refrigerator a pulled out a paper cup with pink lemonade in it. I was a bit confused as to where he got the lemonade from since we did not have any in our house. The story he proceeded to tell me was so wonderful, I just had to pass it on.

He had been walking home from school when he saw a lemonade stand. As he passed by he thought to him self "Man I should have bought lemonade from them. If my kids were outside selling lemonade I would want people to support them. Hmm, the next time I see a lemonade stand, I am going to buy lemonade from them!"

Well, as only fate would have it, just around the next corner was another lemonade stand. So, true to his promise he walked up and asked for a cup of lemonade. Now he only had a dollar on him so he asked the two girls if they had change for a dollar. They said that they did. As they began to pour the lemonade, he pulled out the dollar to give to them. They looked at him confused, not knowing how to make the change. He asked if they had any quarters. They held up the quarter and said "We only have one of these."

At first the business man in Andrew said "No way should you buy a glass of lemonade for 75 cents! Thats way too expensive." Instead he told the girls to give him two cups and he would give them the dollar. This way he could bring home a cup for his wife and help support the kids.

Well after hearing this story I must admit, although I don't care for lemonade, it made that cup of lemonade the best one I have ever had.


  1. Oh, that's too cute! Way to go Andrew!! Now I know who to have my kids call when they are doing school fundraisers ;)

  2. lol. That's cute. I'm glad he got the lemonade.