Monday, November 8, 2010

Midterm Suprises

I am sorry that I just seem to be blogging about food lately, but it is something that I love to make and share with others.

This was my midterm project for my pastry class. It was a really fun experience because I was able to work with a French pasty chef. He gave me a few tips on presentation and how to organize a plate. At the end of our final, it turned out that he was one of the people grading our projects! It was great to hear his feed back though.

This pastry is a puff pastry dough with an almond paste in the middle. The top is glazed with pear juice and you see coco and powdered sugar on the side.

Oh and this is what started happening during our midterm! It snowed all day long. In a way it was quite pretty, but this means the end of good weather for Rexburg! Time to break out the scarfs, coats and hot chocolate!


  1. That pastry DEFINTLY tasted good. Me and Joel ate it very fast yum yum yum