Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Redwoods

These trees were a landmark that I had always hoped to see at one point in my life, so when my teacher announced that was where we were going to stop for a while I was excited. We met so many nice people on our trip out to the redwoods. One man who was at the head of the trail giving a brief intro to the forest decided to come on the trail with us. He gave us a bunch of extra information about the forest that I would have never learned just by looking at them. For instance moss can not grow on redwoods due to a acidic compound in the bark, but lichen can.

Also inside one of the trees there was a room sized space that you could walk inside of. I did not because the entrance was flooded, but a girl in our group decided to go in. She completly disapeard into the tree and started exclaiming at how large it was inside. Our guide told us that 75 people once fit into that tree. If you want to see the video of them coming out of it, click here.


  1. Those are crazy!!! I want to see them. . . Oh and I like your blog make over :)