Thursday, June 2, 2011

Holes in the Wall

No I am not talking about physical damage in our apartment, I am referring to those wonderful little gems in our lives that don't look wonderful on the outside, but are fantastic on the inside.

For instance our favorite place to eat in Rexburg is a restaurant called "Original Thai". The walls are painted a bright golden yellow, there are only 8-10 tables inside, and if you are walking by quickly you just might miss it. .....BUT, they have the best pad thai I have ever tasted and Andrew loves their drunken noodles. If I had enough money I would pay their chef to teach me how to cook Thai food.

Another place that we have discovered is a hot springs up in Green Canyon. The parking lot is just a flat piece of ground that can get quite muddy on rainy days, the inside is a little iffy looking and part of the hot pool area has no roof. ......BUT, when you need a bit of time to just relax and hang out with your friends, Green Canyon is the place to go. The roof that is missing lets you see the stars at night and the pool is warm enough that you stay nice and toasty. And they have some amazing hydroponicly grown tomatoes! Andrew and I could eat them like apples....and I don't really like tomatoes, so that is saying something.

I am starting to find that they saying 'Don't judge a book by its cover' is so true. I would even add to the end of that 'or you might miss something amazing!'.

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