Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Warning Would Have Been Nice

About two weeks ago Andrew and I left for school, just like we do every morning. Later that day when we came home our normal way we ran into a road closed sign. We found another route home and thought nothing of it. That next day, the new route had a road closed sign, so we went another way. Well after about a week all of the roads leading to our house have been closed down. The road in front of our house no longer exists. They, who ever they may be, have been tearing it up and all with out letting the people who live off of this main street what was going on. We have taken to going around the "Road Closed" signs and just off reading to get to our house.

I do not mind that they are fixing the road (some of the pot holes were almost 6" deep) but it would have been nice to have some warning. You know something like "Hey you may have some trouble getting out of your complex for the next month or so." Oh well. In honor of the unsuspected construction I have found some of my favorite types of road signs. They are funny online but I hope that none of us ever see them as we are driving.

And here is my personal favorite:

Happy Travels :)


  1. That's so weird that you would get no warning. Way to off road it. Is everyone in your complex doing the same thing? So crazy!

  2. Haha, yeah! There is only one way in and out of our complex and it is onto that road. Some people do have trucks that can handle the road no problem though.

  3. So funny. Thanks for the laugh! And I agree, a little note taped to your door would have been nice.