Tuesday, August 9, 2011

100 Miles Together

Back in the end of March we decided that we wanted to become more physically fit. Andrew loved to run in high school and I.....well I occasionally thought about running in high school. So with Andrew's help and a lot of research we started running every day. We started out with small distances and slowly built up to longer runs. As most of you know we are training for the temple to temple relay that BYU-I is hosting in late September. (Explanation here)

When we started running together I thought that it would be nice to track our fastest times for different runs and also to track how many miles we run together. Well this morning we ran our 100th and 101st mile together as a couple. It has not been easy........as a matter of fact there have been times where it has been very difficult, but it is so worth it to me. It is nice to have something that we are working on together as a couple. We can be there to help and support one another when the other one wants to stop. I am so grateful that this is something we have chosen to do.

If anyone is interested in coming out to the temple to temple relay on Sept 24th let me know.

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