Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pushing Past Problems

This morning while I was exercising I started thinking about my history with running. When I was still pretty little I was told that I had exercise induced asthma. To me this meant that if I tried to exercise very much I would not be able to breath. I admit that for quite a while I used this knowledge as a crutch. When ever I needed to try harder in a sport or exercise more I would say to my self "Oh no I shouldn't, I don't want to have an attack."

That worked for a while, but then I had Coach Tindle as my freshman PE coach. I told him that I had asthma and that I could not run very well. He asked for my inhaler, told me to start running, then said that if I had an attack to come to him, use my inhaler, and then keep running. :) Now I am not sure if this was kosher, but it taught me a good lesson. I couldn't keep using my asthma as an excuse not to exercise.

I went on to run track for one year in high school, but then I let my exercising slide. It was not until just last year that I started running again. Then I proved to my self, with the help of my husband, that I could do a lot more that I thought my body could handle. I went from running less than a mile to running five miles in a few months time. Now I exercise almost everyday and I feel great about it!

So I guess that this is my way of saying thanks to all those coaches and people who pushed me to be better than my asthma and work past it.

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