Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Yesterday, while I was delivering a bouquet of flowers, I had a realization about my job. A florist has the chance to catch glimpses of both the saddest and happiest moments in peoples lives. Let me see if I can explain what I mean.

On any given day we can be making floral arrangements for many different events. On a very busy day, we could be working on arrangements for a new baby, a wedding, a sickness/surgery, an anniversary, a birthday, and a funeral. Almost any one of these events brings with it a flood of emotions. As florists, we have to make designs that will either help celebrate the occasion, will cheer someone up or will properly honor someone. It is a very fine line to walk.

The glimpses come when we deliver the flowers. Sometimes we give a wedding bouquet to a blushing bride just moments before she walks down the isle. Other times we deliver to a funeral and see another viewing in process. Both of these moments can be so tender that your heart feels overwhelmed with emotion.

I am grateful for these glimpses that I get every once in a while. They remind me to step back from a busy schedule and just enjoy life. They help me to cherish what I have and to remember what is really important in life. Many of the moment I have seen have taught me great and lasting lessons that I hope I never forget.

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  1. Beautiful post. Thanks Taylor for helping me to remember to take a step back and enjoy the glimpses of life I should celebrate or honor. I've often heard it said, "what if life had background music?" This post made me wonder, what kind of flower arrangement would be created to honor this moment?