Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Day at the.......Races?

When I was young I loved most kids probably do.  I loved riding them when I got the chance to and I loved seeing them.  Years later that love of horses is still in me.  

So the other day I dragged Andrew to the local arena for a day at the races.  To be honest it was my first time seeing a jockey race.  Needless to say we did not place any bets, but had a fun time trying to guess the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place order just by looking at the horses. 

Yes the horses were quite exciting to watch.....BUT, they were not the reason we went to the races.  No we went for what is called "Extreme Race" day.   That's right, they were riding camels and ostriches!!!

And it was hilarious.

I have never really seen someone ride either of those animals.  Lets just say there was a lot of hanging on for dear life for the riders and a lot of laughing from the crowd.  It was great.

This jockey was the one that won the ostrich race.  He pulled out  feathers while hanging on for dear life, so he stuck them in his hat as a trophy.

And yes of course I took videos.



So what did I learn?

1  - Jockeys are very short people........brave and can ride horses well....but short.
2 - People get very excited about a race when money is involved.
3 - I want to ride and ostrich.......someday :)


  1. SO COOL! My mom grew up on Louisville, KY and my brother lives there now. I've always wanted to go to the Kentucky derby. I would like to ride a camel someday. So all we need to do is get someone to ride a horse and we can enter the races!

  2. Great outing Taylor! Reminds me of Swiss Family Robinson with the ostrich riding... So cool. = Corey