Monday, September 10, 2012

Kids Say The Funniest Things

I had a fantastic conversation the other day.  I was outside weeding the garden when a young boy on his bike rode up to me and said :

Boy - "What are you doing!?"
Me - " Weeding."
Boy - "Weeding?"
Me - "Taking the bad plants out and leaving in the good plants." 
Boy - "Oh........Are you a mom?"
Me - "No I am not."
Boy - "Your not!? Well where are your kids!?"
Me - "I don't have any kids."
Boy - (Sounding a bit terrified) "Are your kids lost!!??"
Me - "No I don't have any kids."
Boy - "Oh..........well you should go buy some."
Me - (Trying really hard not to laugh at this point) "Ok, where should I go to buy some kids?"
Boy - "Ummm, you can just go to the store.  You can buy some kids at the store." 

He then lapsed into something nonsensical and I could not stop my self from laughing.  I must admit it is probably the best conversation I have had in some time.  

Oh and I looked for the aisle in target with the kids and I still haven't found it. ;) 

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  1. ah ha ha ha ha ha. That is priceless. Let me know if you find that aisle. It would be A LOT easier to buy one then grow one. Hey maybe they will be clearanced after Christmas. Let me know if you find them