Friday, May 21, 2010

Insect Murder

In my pest control class we have been asked to create an insect collection. Now I was not too thrilled with the idea of having to collect bugs, creatures I would rather stay far away from. We have come to an agreement in life that if I don't bug them (..pun..:) ) they wont bug me.

Well this collection has put quite a damper on that relationship. Not only do I have to kill bugs but I have to arrange them in an aesthetically pleasing way. But this is all besides the point. What matters is that I am horrible when it comes to actually killing the bugs. You see we have to capture them in these small viles. Then we can either put them in rubbing alcohol and drown them or freeze them.

Three days ago I managed to catch a lady bug in the schools green house. I put it in the vile with the intention to freeze it when I got home. To be completely honest with you I thought it would suffocate with in a few hours of being in an air tight vile. But no!! TWO DAYS later when I looked in the vile the lady bug was still moving around! Weakly mind you. Two days with out air or food. I yelled to Andrew that I was torturing poor bugs and promptly stuck it into the freezer.

This has given me an idea of how to arrange my bugs for this collection. I am going to create a grave yard!


  1. As I have gotten older, I have found I have such a weak stomach for killing bugs now too. Thankfully, Corey is still great at it. :)

  2. HAHAHA!!! Taylor the bug killer :o.... When the graveyard is assembled I will definitly need pictures haha