Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Great Book and Gardens

First off, we have had some strange weather in Rexburg. If you look closely at this picture there is a blue spot right in the middle of all of the clouds. Rexburg keeps changing in between really nice weather and bad weather. I do wish that spring would hurry up and come. But there are some flowers starting to show through.

One thing that I am very pumped for is the start of our garden. Today I went and picked out our plot and on Monday I will be planting everything. This is my first try at a big scale garden so I hope that I don't kill it. Here is my homemade post.

Lastly I would like to suggest a book. I had to read it for one of my classes and I loved it! If you are ever going to be in a leadership position you need to read it. It will change your perspective.


  1. oooo I hope your garden goes well!!! That looks like a neat book, I think maybe me and Joel could read it together, do you think that would work well?

  2. Yeah! Its written as a story so it's really engaging!

  3. I'm excited about your garden plot. Very jealous. Let us know how it turns out.