Saturday, May 29, 2010

Plants in our House

True to the horticulture major that I am, we have a ton of plants in our house hold. I have heard that plants will help recycle the air in your house, so I have come to the assumption that our air must be pristine. Here they are:

Ok so these are some flowers that Andrew got me. Not quite a permanent fixture in our house, but a plant none the less.

The daughter of a Jade plant that we are watching for Jill and Joel. I am really hoping that this one takes root because I like the look of the tree. The only problem is my habit of taking long showers seem to be causing mold on the top portion of its soil.

Our green onions! They reside on our window sill and will soon be used in our dinners.

The mother Jade!

We are not actually growing this tree, but I was quite shocked to find that it has an orange tinge to the bark. Yesterday, in the rain, the entire trunk looked neon orange.

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  1. Oooo your air must be really clean!! Yay, your amazing skills have resurected our plant! And is has a sister :) How tall did you say those jade plants get?