Friday, June 25, 2010

My Craving

It's about time I posted about this restaurant. It is the best restaurant in all of Rexburg if you are a fan of thai food! Andrew and I love getting pad-thai there. It is the only restaurant that I have ever craved in my life. I love the food and I love the people that work there. If I had enough money I would eat there once every two weeks.

Tonight I was not feeling well, I have a cold. So I went, with Andrew, to Original Thai and had my equivalent of chicken noodle soup. YUM


  1. Is this resturant on main st? hmmm, I think we might have to try that when we get to rexburg....yummm!

  2. WAIT....YOU HAVENT BEEN.....AND YOUR IN MY FAMILY!!! We will have to fix this the second you get back.

  3. Taylor and Andrew,

    Ezra loved that car you sent him for his birthday. I keep trying to remember to have him call you and thankyou but it is always 11pm when I remember. And right now he is outside having a waterfight and I think you are in school. We love you guys a lot and miss you a ton. If you feel like a trip out to Seattle July, August and Sept are great months to visit. only 12 hours away. hint hint hint lol