Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Earning the Grade

Today, in conflict management, we had to turn in a paper on forgiveness. I had been thinking about how I was going to write this paper for roughly a week. This morning, after finding all of my resources and information, I sat down at my computer and wrote what I considered to be a paper of good quality. I put a lot of thought into what I was writing. I was hoping that this would be my way to show my teacher how much I had learned this semester.

After finalizing my ideas I printed my paper and went to class. My teacher asked us to get into groups and talk about our papers for 10 minutes. After this was done I waited for the "now pass your papers to the side" cue. But it did not come. No, class continued on as normal and the cue never came. A friend of mine, with whom I had discussed this paper in detail, went up and asked if we were to ever turn the paper in or not. The answer was no.

At first I was frustrated. Why have us write a final paper that would never be graded. Then I realized, while I spent the time searching out quotes and facts, I learned many things I had not known previously about forgiveness. I became acquainted with many new examples of how to forgive in my own life. I am, now, grateful for the chance I had to write this paper. I believe that my teacher wanted us to write it in order to teach our selves. In retrospect, that is much more important than earning a grade.


  1. I like your new background and awesome picture!!!

  2. Thats pretty interesting that your teacher did that. It seems as well as having you all learn from your own papers he wanted you guys to be able to handle the frustration and anger of doing something for apparently nothing. Good job Taylor and Congrats at being done another semester!!!!!

  3. Great way to look at it. I think I would have to work at forgiving the teacher. he he he. Grades were always a little too important to me.