Monday, July 26, 2010

Lethbridge Air Show

As I said in a previous post, on Saturday we went to the Lethbridge air show. It lasted from 11:30 am to 4:30pm, and it was fantastic! They had bi-planes, fighter jets, commercial air lines, helicopters and gliders. We were able to walk around the runway before the show started. We were able to look in the planes and talk to those who ran them.

Next came the show. I think that my favorite acts were the acrobatics. They would spin 360 degrees in a second, do loops and stall out in mid air. Sometimes I was sure that they were just falling and desperately trying to regain control. But then they would pull out of a dive perfectly and move on with their act.

The coolest part of the acrobatic acts were their hesitated spins. They would spin their planes around like a clock's second hand. It was incredible to see just how much control they had on their planes. Here are some of the pictures I took:

A note about the pictures. Recently I have forgotten my camera when we have gone to big events like this. This time I was absolutely determined to remember my camera. Well I remembered my camera, but I forgot its battery in the charger.....:( So these pictures were taken with my phone. I am sorry if they are not so clear.

Two sky divers jumped out of a van plane with Canadian flag parachutes. One carried a gigantic Canadian flag with them while the other one had an American flag.

A HUGE plane! It made for great shade on a hot day. To see just how big it is, the tent off to its left could hold 30-40 people comfortably.

More aerobatics


During this act they were showing off a plane from WWI. I had thought it was some what boring because the plane kept flying back and forth, nothing else. Well I zoned out when they started talking about how the plane would get its target in range. Was I ever surprised when he blew up part of the run way!!

These are two skydivers who are carrying smoke sticks as they fall.

My favorite plane of the whole show.

I must say that this show made me proud of my country. Some people from the air force stationed in AZ, brought a plane called the Warthog. It was the biggest and loudest plane that they flew that day. The demonstration for this plane was to show how it would blow up its targets.

The last event, that I did not get pictures of, was a re-enactment called Torah, Torah, Torah. They re-enacted the bombing of pearl harbor. They had the original planes from the movie (Torah Torah Torah and Pearl Harbor). It gave me the chills to look over, just before the attack started, and see 6 planes just on the horizon. It made me wonder what the people in Hawaii were thinking when they saw them. They were so quiet that I am not sure I would have even noticed them had I not known they were coming.

Overall it was a great show. If you ever get a chance to see an air show, do so!!

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  1. Holy Cow!!!! That one plane was massive. I must say I like the picture with the explosion clouds. When they exploded stuff was it really loud?