Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Waterton National Park

For our last adventure in Canada, Mom and Dad Stonehocker took us to Waterton national park. It was a beautiful park and had tons of little lakes all over it. There was a village there that, had we had more time, I would have loved to explore. We did drive into the park aways to see Cameron Lake. It extended across the border into Montana.

When we were looking at an old inn at the front of the park, I saw a bus/van that I recognized from a trip my family took when I was a kid. We had gone to Glacier Park to look at the wild life and, you guessed it, glaciers. Well I had remembered seeing these vans when we came close to the Canadian border. I had wanted to cross it to Canada, but we had not had enough time. Now here I was a few years later, on the other side of Glacier park with out even knowing it. It brought back memories.

Once we got out to Cameron Lake, we decided to take paddle boats out on the lake. It was a beautiful day to be on the water. We had thought that the paddle boats would be a nice relaxing type of transportation, but oh were we wrong. When we were finished, both Andrew and I had very tired/aching legs.

Cameron lake.

Andrew humored me for a photographic moment and waded out to the pile of rocks.

Another lake in Waterton. Right next to it is the cute little town I will have to wander around some day.


  1. Oh cute!! It sure is beautiful there huh? Oh and can I come when you go explore the village area? I have always wanted to do that too. Haha I bet you were sore after those paddle boats. They always imply that they simple and require no effort lol. How wrong they are.....!!

  2. Yeah paddle boats are defiantly not realaxing unless you have someone else paddling for you. I liked the rock pic!(oh and the word verification word that I had to type was ressubi if you were wondering :)