Friday, August 6, 2010


The one thing I missed the most about the south was the thunderstorms. Since moving to Idaho, I have not seen too many storms. Maybe 6-10 over a three and a half year period. Well since last summer, when we had a few great thunderstorms, I had been hopping for more storms over this summer.

Well this year I think my wish has been granted. While we were in Canada we experienced a huge thunderstorm. Lightning was popping everywhere and thunder shook the house. At one point, Andrew, Dad and I all ran into the truck to watch the lightning.

That one storm made me so happy. It was great to watch the majestic beauty of the clouds and lightning. It all reminded me of when we would go out into our garage, in Texas, or on our front porch, in North Carolina, and watch the storm play out.

I thought that, after that great storm in Canada, I was headed back to a non stormy area, but I was wrong. Every afternoon this week a thunderstorm has rolled in from the south west and graces little Rexburg with some rain and a good lighting show. I always watch it come in on the radar and then, when it gets close enough, from our windows.

This is what our view from out windows looks like most afternoons now, well minus the pretty fields. Any who this may sound nerdy, but I think that it would be fun to chase storms like this someday. I have always been into weather patterns and watching inclement weather form. Though I am not sure I would chase tornadoes.

I also do not think that I would be one of those people who stands out in gale force winds while trying to tell the public about how strong the hurricane winds are. I always remember watching these reporters getting jerked around every which way by the wind or attempting, and failing, to doge debris.

Here is one of those videos: Hurricane winds

The lightning is my favorite part.

Over all I am glad I have the chance to appreciate the beauty of these storms. Lets pray that they keep happening.


  1. I love that first picture! Did you take the lighting pictures?

  2. I just watched Twister 2 weeks ago. storm chasing as a career.... hmm maybe not. storm chasing to get the perfect picture. Now that sounds like fun.