Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas Preview

As most of you know, I usually am very frustrated when I see stores putting out Christmas trees and lights well before Thanksgiving. I believe that Thanksgiving is skipped over in the commercial world... a necessity for sales, but something I do not have to like. Yet, even though I do get a bit frustrated at this, I do love the Christmas season! For this reason I have been struggling with my self in trying to decide when to write this post. Well today I gave in and I am going to break my own rule...I am going to write about Christmas preparations before Thanksgiving.

The other day I was in my greenhouse operations class. We were wandering around the greenhouse looking for safety issues to correct when Br. Toll comes up and says "We have 400 poinsettia plants to move into the greenhouse before they freeze! Please come help." Naturally we obliged...... horticulture class "labs" usually are code for "help us plant these" or "help us fix this" etc. But we never mind....its what we find fun.

Any who there we were moving all of these poinsettias into our greenhouse. When we were finished I stepped back and saw something akin to the following except on a smaller scale:

Well....right then and there I got excited for Christmas! All of that bright holiday green and red against the snow outside...I just could not help it. So needless to say, I am ready for the holidays to begin!

Happy Holidays


  1. ha ha ha. I love it. I try and wait until after Christmas too but I don't usually mind Christmas stuff early, as long as my kids don't go Santa crazy on me. On Friday we got all our kid Christmas shopping completely done. Now I can totally relax during Christmas and just focus on cooking fun treats, visiting neighbors and listening to fun music. I did laugh because Santa was already in the mall this last week. He was a very lonely santa. No one came to see him at all. lol He's probably just glad that they were willing to pay him for the extra month even if no kids come. so I'm glad for that Santa

  2. Yes, that is frustrating when people start decorating for Christmas when thanksgiving hasn't even occured lol. but ohwell, I guess Christmas is just too fun :) esp this christmas mwhahaha.....