Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Advice:Only In Idaho

Today in class we were all discussing how our finals are treating us. One common subject was that of staying awake long enough to study all that you felt you needed to. Now we all know that it is better to study hard and get a good nights sleep before a final....but most college students insist on staying awake to study....I know this from experience.

As we were talking and I was contemplating how I was going to finish certain projects we started talking about ways to stay awake. Naps and showers were both suggested, but then I heard a bit of advice from a local Idaho girl that shocked me but...sadly....seemed like a decent idea.

She said that when ever she is taking finals or is on a long road trip and feels her self getting sleepy, she goes outside and does a couple push ups in the snow. She said that she only does a few, just enough to get the blood pumping. She said that it wakes her right up and she can get back to work.

Now I am not sure if this would work but.....all I can really say to this is "Only in Idaho".

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