Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's Done!

After many long hours of work my cake is finally finished! I must admit it was really fun to undertake something this big. A lot of hard work, but none the less very fun.

Today in class we went around and showed our cakes off. I have pictures of both my cake and some of the other ones class mates did. They all looked so great. As we were talking, we decided that our class could easily open up a bakery . Let me know what you guys think.

These first two are mine.

The guy who did this one put lilies on his cake in honor of the fact that they want to name their first girl Lily. His wife is currently pregnant but they don't know what they are having.

This girl is graduating this semester. The cake is supposed to resemble her road through collage.

Does this look familiar to anyone?! It is a copy of the wedding cake I had at my reception. The girl used the same picture.

My good friend made this one. I think the little animals are so cute!


  1. Those cakes are awesome. definite bakery stuff!

  2. Cool!!!!! Taylor, your cake looks really good!!! Its even cooler that they are real flowers lol! Your class could do a wedding cake buisness and do it a bit cheaper for students, it would take off!!! With all these people getting married around here lol.

  3. Great cakes taylor. Although Levi said the one he wants to eat is the animal one. That is probably because he is 5 yrs old. lol