Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's About Time

It is half way through the semester and I have posted hardly anything. I have just been very busy. So much has happened already and the bridal show is a short 17 days away. Yet I wanted to take some time to show you some of the designs that I have been working on this semester.

I have throughly enjoyed what I am learning! There is something so refreshing about working with flowers and helping to make people happy. Every week I am reminded of why I choose horticulture as my major.

This first design I can not claim as my own. A girl in one of my classes asked me to help her put together the devotional design. I loved her idea and just had to share it. I will get a chance towards the end of the semester to do this, so I was grateful for the chance to see in advance what I needed to do.

(Designed by Ashley Holiday)

One week in our advanced floral class we studied sympathy arrangements. The arrangements were tough at first as I had never done anything that large before, but by the end of the week I believe I was starting to get the hang of it. Here is my machae piece. We also worked on easels and casket sprays.

This was just a fun design I had wanted to try for a while. I thought it would be neat to try and mimic a tree's form and then cover it with flowers. The tree is made with curly willow and is decorated with daisies. The picture is not amazing, but it works.


  1. Very cool. Someday I'll get a hold of you and you can help me put together a few arrangements for our apartment.

  2. I love them all. That tree design is so neat. I can tell that you are way out of my league when it comes to decorating. I have 3 bunches of fake flowers and I've had the same ones for 8 years. Hows that for flower decorating. I agree with Carrie, when we have money and a house then I'm going to steal you for a fake flower decorating bonanza. And I'll provide you with free sputum, lungs and snot advice as an equal professional trade. lol That is so neat that you get to design the devotional flowers. Wow