Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Lost Art

Here are a few more designs and pictures from this past week.

You have already seen the first design in my previous post. Our teacher asked us to work with photo editing programs as part of a portfolio assignment. The following picture was what came of that homework assignment.

I did learn something interesting while I was creating this picture. This style of photograph is called daguerroeotype. It was a type of photography popular from 1839 to 1855 when cameras were a new thing. My photo editing program gave me the following information on this particular film style. “Daguerreotype – wildly used from 1839 to 1855 daguerreotype was the first popular form of photography. Images were captured directly on a thin piece of silver-plated coper. Because no negative was produced, copies could not be made, so each image was unique”

I can not imagine how long photographers must have taken to set up each individual shot back then. I believe that photography was more of an art form back then as compared to now. Back then it took skill and patience.

This next design is one that has been difficult for me in the past. It is a foam arrangement. When I first started the program it was hard for me to make a vase look full and lush when I used foam. This is the first arrangement where I was able to achieve that effect to my liking.

Thanks for reading and for all of your comments.

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  1. Both are so beautiful! Just so you know, we don't live close to Disneyland (we are 6 hours away). What are going there for?