Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Devotional Flowers

This week for my portfolio class I had the chance to design the arrangement for devotional! It was the biggest arrangement I have ever had to do. I was grateful that my teacher and one of my friends was there to help me accomplish everything so quickly.

I decided that spring had stayed out of Rexburg for way too long, so I tried to invite it in by including lots of colors to the design. The design consists of lilys, roses, stalk, gladiolas, snap dragons, palm fronds, ti leaves and leather. The best part was that the speaker wore a light pink outfit that tied right into the flowers.

A shot from the side to get an idea of the length.


  1. Wow, that is a large spread but so beautifully done! Maybe someday you'll be asked to arrange the flowers for the Conference Center! You are amazingly talented!

  2. I went to this devo and the flowers looked amazing!!!!!!!!

  3. They are soo pretty!! They looked very good from where we were sitting too! :) I didn't realize though exactly how BIG and LONG it really was! Good job Taylor!