Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Last Few Days

I am going to combine the last few days of our trip into one post. I did not take a ton of pictures as we spent most of our time driving from place to place.

We decided that as we were driving south through CA we wanted to take highway one. It is right on the coast and makes for a beautiful drive. We were all very excited to see the ocean.

After an hour of traveling down the one we came upon the following scene:

Apparently part of the road had given out and fallen into the ocean. Over half of the road was missing! We had to turn around and take a four hour detour. I got to see a lot more of CA then I expected.

After talking to the officer we found out that someone had reported cracks in the road an hour before. Apparently the road fell while they went to get someone to repair the cracks. I am just glad that we were not driving over it as the road was weakening. We could have gone for a very cold swim.

That night we stayed in Pismo Beach at a very cute hotel. They even had swans in our rooms....well sort of.

While we were at Fashion Island we went into a pet store and I found these adorable puppies! It made me wish just one more time that I was not allergic to dogs. Both Andrew and I would love to have dogs, but I don't think that it will happen.

Needless to say eight days is a long way to be away from your spouse and I was missing Andrew very much by the half way point. On Thursday we arrived in Anaheim (Disney Land!) late. My teacher went into the hotel to get us our room keys but shortly returned and told me that there was a message for me at the front desk! I admit I was a little confused as I did not know anyone who lived near Disney.

When I came in to get the message the person behind the desk pulled out these:

My dear man knew that I would be missing him badly and wanted to let me know that he was thinking of me! He is such a great guy!

After that we hit up other stops like San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Saint George. Over all it was a great trip, long but worth it.

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  1. Those are such beautiful flowers that andrew got for you!!!! I am very glad that you guys weren't driving on that road when it collapsed!