Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's All Fun and Games.......

I don't really remember when or where it started, but for as long as I can remember Andrew and I have had a heated punch buggy battle. We have made a few alterations to the game though to make it better:

1: It's more of a love tap than a punch.

2: If you cant figure out the color of the car just call skittles.....taste the rainbow. :) This rule evolved after a 30 minute argument over whether a punch bug was blue or purple.

3: Punch bugs that are parked in the same parking lot where our home is are not fair game play. There were too many incidents of the following:

- "Hey (insert Andrew or Taylor) come over here!"
- "Why?"
- "I just want you to look out the window."
- "Why?"
- "Just come here please."
- "It's the punch bug, isn't it?"
- "No........." And so on.

4: If you get someone with a punch bug outside of a building and then go inside, the punch bug is fair game again. The same goes for going from inside to outside.

5: Lastly there are times where the punch bug game should not be played.....

- In dangerous driving situations
- When someone has had a bad day
- When the other person has given up due to you amazing talent at the punch bug game...its not nice to gloat. :)

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