Thursday, October 6, 2011

Really.....was this necessary?

Well it has happened again, that thing that sits in the back of my mind all spring and summer long. Its........

Although I was a little bit dismayed when the nice gentle rain started turning into the white fluffy stuff, I admit it does feel like it is time for winter. The only thing I am truly sad about is the lack of a fall this year. As a matter of fact we pretty much skipped spring and fall all together thus far. They both have been wet seasons that seemed more like a transition from winter to summer.

Any way I decided that since yesterday did mark the first snow of the season, it would be good to go out and get just a few pictures. Thank you Andrew for humoring me in this!

Oh and on a side note: It started snowing while I was at work, and naturally we had the radio on. Well after about three hours of snow a Michael Bubble song came on that set my co-workers into a fit. The song was the Christmas melody "Let It Snow". While they scrambled to change the station, all the while complaining that it was not Christmas, I couldn't help but laugh at the station owners' sense of humor. :)


  1. That's not fun for you. So funny though because I've been feeling holiday nostalgia all week. I had a dream, in the hospital, that it was Christmas Eve. Yep, I've been pretty much in teh Christmas mood sense. Fun, but I need to come back to reality :) Enjoy the extra cuddle time with Andrew, though :)

  2. ha ha. You guys are too cute. I love the pictures. There is no sign of snow here. I think the weather is really mild and they say occasionally there is a year with no snow at all. But in hopes that we get at least some I bought two saucer sleds for the kids (the very day they put them on the shelves). If it snows before Christmas then I'll get them out. If it snows after then they might get some presents that are round and big and orange. lol. Everyone laughed at me in the check out line because I was the first one to buy sleds this year at Shopko