Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Today while I was running, I found my self looking up at the ceiling. It is something I have discovered helps me when I am running a long distance. I believe that by keeping my head up I am able to get better air flow through my wind pipe.

That being said, today I noticed it for a different reason. After noticing that I was looking up, I thought about what was up above me somewhere. It is my belief that somewhere up there is my Father in Heaven who helps me in all situations. He is always watching over me and helping to guide my life.

Well after noticing that, I thought about the times when I look down in my life. For instance when I am embarrassed or feeling shame or when I am frustrated and feel like I cant do something. And what is below me? Often we say that heck is down below us.

As I was running and thinking about this, I had a personal epiphany. When I am discouraged and frustrated or hopeless/stubborn I am often looking towards someone who only wishes to cause me pain, suffering and misery. When I am hopeful, happy and determined I am looking towards someone who loves me very much and is helping me in me search for my success and happiness.

I am so glad that I have a Father in Heaven to look to and who remains a constant in my life.

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  1. such true observations. I guess that could be one reason we are told to look the world in the eye. It keeps are head up where it's supposed to be and people are drawn to others who are hopeful and confident.