Sunday, November 13, 2011

An Undertaking

Ok I will admit it, I have my own "bucket list". I have in it a whole bunch of things that I want to do before die. My goals in it range from physical oriented goals to those that are spiritual, mental/educational, and down right random.

One of my goals is a reading goal. I have previously read the book "The Count of Monte Cristo"(TCOMC ) the abridged version. When started reading it I saw that there was a note from the translator that said something to the effect of " I apologize to those who have to read this book in its abridged state. By abridging this book I have all but destroyed a great story, but I had to do it because people cant handle the idea of good art these days. Enjoy!"
Well that riled me up a bit since TCOMC is one of my most favorite reads. So in my bucket list I added the entry "Read the unabridged version of TCOMC ". Well I am almost halfway through the book and I have to say I in part agree with the translator. Mr. Dumas was an excellent writer and the abridged version of his book leaves out many connecting points that help his reader understand what is going on.

So in a nutshell I still love this book and I am very glad that I am reading the full work! I would highly recommend it to everyone, but warn you that it is a bit of an undertaking.

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