Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yellow Pants

I love working as a florist. It makes me very happy to make others happy with beautiful things. There is never a dull moment in a shop and I am always able to stretch my limits. There are very very few down sides in my mind.

One thing that is frustrating is lily pollen! If you are not aware of how frustrating this stuff can be, let me explain. You see lilies are beautiful flowers because they have a lot of drama to them. Part of that drama are the anthers. When they first open they are very pretty, but give them a few days and they will be covered in a thick orange pollen.

Well that pollen will dye any thing it comes in contact with yellow. For clothes it is usually a permanent dye. Thus my problem. No matter how careful I am, every couple of weeks I brush a lily that has opened that day and get pollen all over the knee of my jeans! Luckily to this point I have been able to get the pollen out with a lot of water, love and washing.

So if you see me some time and find that my knees are yellow, don't ask, just know that I love my job regardless :)

Here lilies are being used in a composite bouquet that I think is absolutely beautiful!

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