Monday, November 21, 2011

Movie Review

The other night Andrew and I went to see the movie :

Now I must admit that our expectations were not very high to begin with. We had seen some online reviews and were not impressed. Needless to say we both loved the old version of this movie and still decided to give it a chance. So this last weekend we went to see it in the cheap theaters.

Well it was not the most amazing movie I have ever seen but since I went in with low expectations I was pleasantly surprised. The filming was pretty good and I liked the action scenes, but over all the movie was completely far fetched, even more than your normal movies. Let me explain.

In regular movies cars explode when they are involved in minor crashes. This usually does not happen in real life unless the vehicle it crashes with is a semi loaded with gasoline, but yet we are ok with that happening in our movies. In this movie how ever, it has things that are similar to a grocery cart exploding when it bumps another cart.

It also blows my mind that though this movie was set in the middle ages, they have gattling guns, flame throwers, air ships, invisible lasers that cut things to pieces, etc. It was like they combined the Three Musketeers, Mission Impossible and James Bond in to one movie.

Over all though I did enjoy it. It was a ridiculous movie but still very fun.

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