Monday, June 18, 2012

Moving - Part 1

The few weeks just before we moved were a little bit crazy. We had a lot to get done at work.  We worked on weddings, a large funeral and just the everyday floral work. 

I was really excited because I had the chance to do my first calla lily bouquet. To be completely honest I could have done with out the  grass in the bouquet, but it still turned out really pretty. 

One week before we left Andrew and I went to Utah to drop off some of Jenna's things.  (For some strange reason she doesn't want to come all the way out to MN once she gets off her mission. :)  We stayed with my mom and had a fast but great visit.  

She surprised me with an early birthday breakfast.....all the way from California.  She had brought back some Trader Joe's chocolate croissants after her last visit and was nice enough to share them with us!  I was so excited.  I love TJ's and these croissants are absolutely amazing. 

The week before we moved, Andrew and I had a chance to attend one of the events my shop decorated.  It was a fundraiser called "Dueling Pianos".  We had a great dinner along side a live auction and then two piano players came out and started playing songs by request.   The trick was that if you wanted them to play a song, you wrote it on a slip of paper and put it in their jar.  If you wanted your song played before others, you put money with it.  If a song was being played that you did not enjoy you could add one more dollar to your request and they would switch to playing your song.  The dueling part came in when people started battling to have their song played over others.  

To be honest it became pretty hilarious at some points.  The songs ranged from ABBA, to Elton John, to Bestie Boys (the song "Fight for your right" is pretty hilarious when done on a piano), to country music.  I laughed pretty hard. 

After my last Saturday at the shop, Andre and I went into over drive packing mode.  Most of our small things were in boxes by the weekend, but we had to pack our kitchen up and get the apartment clean.  It was pretty painless to be honest.

So after two days of straight cleaning we managed to get everything out of the apartment.  We were able to spend our last two nights with Andrew's sister and her family.  Andrew was so tired at one point that he laid down on the floor next to their baby and almost fell asleep.  I say almost because Denver discovered his hair and decided it was fun to yank on.  It was pretty adorable.....well I thought so anyway.  :)

Anywho, that next morning we got up early and headed out.  Stay tuned for that story.......i'll just say it up front involves snow.


  1. Ahh! Denver is so cute! and Andrew next to him too! I love you lily arrangement. I would have done without the grass too! Sounds great and I'm glad that your packing was pretty painless. I HATE moving!

  2. Love your calla bouquet Taylor!!