Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Moving - Part 2....A Very Long Drive

That next day we woke up really early and started on our way.  Our plan was to drive from Idaho, through Montana, North Dakota and then down into Minnesota.  And we were going to do it in two days.

The first part of the drive was interesting.  As soon as we hit Targhee international park we ran into snow....yes snow in the June.  It snowed until we got over the mountains and out of Yellowstone.  It was rather funny to stop at gas stations wearing shorts and t-shirts with snow blowing all around us.

Aside from that not much happened on the drive.  We did manage to make drive in two days.  The hardest part was when we got to the city and were trying to find our apartment.  Andrew was in the lead with the GPS and I was following behind with no map and no knowledge of the city.  At one point he took a quick exit and I.....well I didn't.  For the next 10 - 15 minutes there after I had my first tour of downtown.

I am very glad that everything about our trip out here to MN went smoothly.  Thanks to all for your prayers for our safety because I know that they helped.

Pictures of the new apartment to come soon.


  1. so glad you guys got there safe! so exciting a new adventure!