Friday, December 7, 2012

So, It Has Been A While:

Wow have we ever been busy.  These past few months have flown by!  Andrew is almost done with his first semester of school and I am loving my new job.  To welcome in fall in Sept we made apple pie!  I must admit it was quite delicious and got me in the mood for the holidays, 

I have also decided that I have a problem.  The calluses on the bottom of my feet are so.......umm....thick? .....that I wear through sock super fast.  The only socks that can really stand up to my feet for longer than a few months are wool sock.......And I am sure that you all really needed to know this.  Moving on :)

Last but not least here are some of the designs I have been working on.  

Anywho, I promise to update this more often.  :)


  1. Those flowers are beautiful! We miss you guys!!!!!

  2. Love those flower arrangements! And homemade pie! I don't know how Andrew keeps his girlish figure with as great of a cook that you are ;) Love you guys! We wish we could see you more often, but I love chatting with you in between games!