Saturday, January 5, 2013

Statues and Waterfalls

The week before Christmas Andrew surprised me with a day date.  He took me to a local park that although was covered with snow, was quite beautiful.  

We found this old statue in the middle of the park. I am not going to lie although it looked cool walking up to it, the statues eyes were pretty creepy.

Ever since we went to Mesoamerica, we have a long standing joke that we have to try and imitate statues that we see.  Andrew did a pretty good job with this one. 

Very creepy eyes.

As we walked a bit further we came on this beautiful frozen waterfall!   Getting down to it was a bit tricky...or rather slippery, but it was worth it.  There were gigantic icicles that hung down from the waterfall that would occasionally break free from the side and fall into the basin below.  Not all of the water was frozen over and there was still a small stream of water running. It was beautiful!

We were going to walk down to the base of the falls but something changed our minds for us.  Something about a trip to the ER did not seem very alluring at that moment. 

Over all it was a wonderful day!

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