Saturday, January 5, 2013

Did you know!?

Did you know that when a flower looks like this...... can get it back to this?!

Here is my flower tip for the day.  When you get fresh flowers, if you want them to last longer re-cut the stems under water before you put them in a vase.  Most people just cut the flower stems above water. While this works most of the time, it can shorten the vase life of your flowers.   Here is why:

A flower's stem acts sort of like a oil wick or a towel.  It sucks moister and nutrients up when it is below water, but if it is cut above water it will wick air into the stem instead   This air bubble can be fatal to some of the more delicate flowers. 

This is what I did to the poinsettia you see in the first two pictures.  It is the same flower in both photos.  Cool right?

And this is just a cool holiday flower.  (I know the holidays have passed....) It is called an Amaryllis: 


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