Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Best Gifts

I take the bus to work.  I always try to bring something to do while I am commuting be it a game on my phone, reading a book, music, Sudoku  etc.  Lately I have been reading a book series.  

Today I ran out the door in order to catch my bus that was quickly on its way.  A little too late I realized that I did not have my book with me.  I called Andrew to ask him to run it out to me if he had time, but sadly he could not.  I was sort of bummed that I could not read on my way to work, but it really was not a big deal. 

Well after two minutes of being on the bus my phone started ringing. I saw that it was Andrew, so I picked it up.  He asked me what page I was on in my book and then proceeded to read to me over the phone while I commuted............

Im sorry but I think that is kind of amazing and super sweet.  I had to brag just a bit :)  I hope that I remember moments like this for the rest of my life.  He does so many small but extremely thoughtful things for me.  They could be easily overlooked but I hope that I never take them for granted.  

Thanks for letting me brag a you Andrew!


  1. Oh my gosh! That is the sweetest thing! I made an audible "awwww" sound while reading. :)

  2. That is absolutely adorable!!! You two are so perfectThat makes me want to purposely forget my book at home and test Brandon one day hahaha

  3. very cute. Man I have an awesome brother who chose well and married an awesome lady. :)