Friday, April 12, 2013

Family and whatnot....Whatcott?.....Nevermind

Ok so you might have to be in my family to get the title to this post.  BUT if your not you can still enjoy these lovely pictures of our family reunion.

We headed out to St George where we met up with the rest of the crew.  We played games, hiked in both Zion and Snow Canyon, went swimming and had an awesome cribbage tournament.  (My family is obsessed with that game and to be properly inducted to the family you have to learn it. )

As part of the festivities my grandpa took us out to the shooting range and taught us how to shoot.  Well let me rephrase that, he taught some of us how to shoot.  A couple of my cousins are quite good at it already and helped with teaching the rest of us.  I now know how to shoot a 22 and a pistol......I do apologize to all of you gun enthusiasts out there if that description is desperately lacking. 

I discovered that I can aim a 22 fairly well but I am quite abysmal when it comes to the pistol...hand gun.

(Thats my concentration face)

This little exercise has solidified Andrew's desire to get us both hand gun lessons in the future. 

I was so excited to finally meet some of my nieces and nephews for the first time.  They are such cuties!

On our second to last night there we had a "hero dress up" night.  We each had to come to dinner dressed as someone we greatly admire in real life.  We had some people do an outstanding job on their costumes! All I have to say for the following pictures is that I will still claim them as my family members.  :)

(Lolly Lollylops)

A couple dressed up as each other :)

(Einstine and Mary & Terry See's)

(Pearl Buck and...George Washington out of character)

And I dressed up as Eric Staal the hockey player. Sure I got the hair wrong, but you cant blame me for not wanting to dye it blonde......or cut it super short.

All in all it was nice to get away and have a good vacation.  We were happy to get some warm weather in our bones before we came back to snow and ice.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I loved this post. It looked like a really fun family reunion. You can come visit us anytime and go shooting guns. Seth just got a Colt 1911 handgun and we have several rifles. After I get better from this c-section I'm hoping to go shooting too. We have a membership at a local gun club shooting range. I thought the "hero" dinner was awesome. So cool. It would be so funny to dress up as each other. And it's sad to say but I don't like cribbage. Everytime someone tries to teach me I usually end up in tears. (I know I'm pitiful) My parents, Seth's parents and probably 3/4 of my general acquaintances are always sad to hear of my cribbage phobia.

  2. That's an awesome reunion! I had a roomy who's family had a costume dinner night every year. I think it's awesome!
    I didn't know you played cribbage! I LOVE that game (probably because I'm dismal at strategy games and I actually stand a chance of winning at cribbage). We should definitely play next time we get to visit :) I also like shooting guns. I'm a little bummed because since I usually visit my family by myself with the kids I don't get invited to go along anymore (who wants to babysit?...) :(