Thursday, June 6, 2013

So It's Been Awhile.......

Hello everyone!  I am sorry for the long leave of absence.  With summer starting (finally) I have picked up a lot of extra work and have slacked of on the blogging.  But hey, you make time for what you consider to be important, right?  So here is me making time.  :)

Although I have not been posting as much, I have been re-organizing on my blog a bit.  I have decided to challenge my self by adding a few more sections .  I am putting in an opinion section, where you will just get random bits of my opinion....fairly self explanatory right? This could be on anything from politics to the weather to the color blue.  I intend to just have fun with it and hopefully learn some new things as I hear your opinions about what I am writing. 

I am also adding a "What I am reading" section where I tell you about books that I have found to be good reads.  I feel like it can be hard to break out of your book comfort zone.  Its easy to get stuck in the rut of reading only a few authors or a certain type of book.  It can be quite helpful if you have someone who recommends new books to you.  So i'll review books I like and you can tell me about books you enjoy.  That way we all benefit. 

Lastly I am going to have a section where I put up recent recipes that I have made.  I find that food is a huge part of my life.  It brings people together, makes people happy, and can help us develop great memories with friends and family.  So my goal is to share the recipes and my stories that go with them.  

Stay tuned........

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