Thursday, July 11, 2013


We love having visitors!  It gives us a great excuse to go out and explore new places.  Plus it is just fun to see family and friends.  I was super excited when Andrew's Mom and Dad told us they wanted to come for a visit.  The best part was that they would be coming over mother's day weekend.  That meant we got to spoil the lovely Mrs. Stonehocker just a bit :)

That being said it's picture time!

A few of the kids got together and had a mother's day flower surprise waiting for them when they got there. 

We also took a jaunt over to the Como Zoo and of my favorite places near home.  I know I have posted pictures before, but this time it was all decked out for spring/summer.  Plus the new Asian garden had been reopened after quite a bit of remodeling.  I love that style of landscaping so I just could not resist. 

Oh, did I mention that they had a bonsai display?  Some of the bonsai were over 200  years old!  Talk about patience. 

This one was my favorite.  It looks like they took a piece of a forest and just shrunk it down.  

The Asian garden.

Ferns are cool!

When we finished with the greenhouses I thought the tour was finished.  That is all we had ever seen when we came to the Conservatory.  But Mom explored a little bit and found another part of the zoo we had been missing entirely.  I could not believe it! They had monkeys, polar bears, African animals, tigers.....everything!

These are my new favorite kind of monkeys.  I <3 an="" called="" emperor="" it="" mustaches.="" nbsp="" p="" s="" tamarin.="" their="">

This tiger had been asleep for the better part of our visit, but at one point it woke up, yawned and showed off all of its teeth, and looked right at the camera. 

After the zoo visit we came home find Andrew hard at work.  He was writing his final papers for the semester and just needed a revision done.  Lucky for him, both of his parents are retired school teachers.  I couldn't resist a picture of what must have happened many nights when he was in school. 

'till next time!

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