Friday, July 13, 2012

Mall Of America

Last week it was rather hot, so Andrew and I decided to do some exploring.  One of the things we really wanted to see since moving to Minneapolis was the Mall Of America.  I must say that I am pretty impressed.    I was extreamly happy to discover that it contained some of the stores I missed so much when I moved to Idaho.  

First off they had a William Sanoma, one of my favorite cooking stores.  They have any thing and everything a cook could want or need for their kitchen.  I love to just wander around and look at all of the neat gadgets people have invented to help in the kitchen. 

I could not believe how many chocolate stores there were in the mall.  They had the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Godiva, Lindt, and of course my favorite See's.   I couldn't resist getting Andrew and I some snacks from the latter. :) 

I was sad that we did not get a chance to ride any of the amusement park rides. (We decided to save those and the aquarium for  another trip.)  We did how ever visit Lego land.  I was blown away with the giant statues they had made out of average size Legos.  In the picture below, the small Lego man working on the transformer's foot is about my size.  Crazy right?  And they are all made out of tiny little blocks.  Talk about a labor of love. 

Over all it was a really fun day.  I do like the Mall of America......but it doesn't quite beat the West Edmonton mall.  That doesn't mean I won't be a frequent shopper there though.  :)

So anyone want to come visit?


  1. YES!!! I definitely want to come visit! that is so cool, i didn't know they had such things as a lego land! All those chocolate stores sound amazing, and I think that cooking store would be crazy ridiculously fun to go see. Joel and I would probably want to buy everything there, but we are poor, so.......maybe in 20 years?lol. I am glad you guys had so much fun there!

  2. Seriously jealous! I've always wanted to go there...I guess it gives me an excuse to come visit you!