Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Snow Day!!

Hi all!!  So in case you are not a weather nut like me and did not know, there was a pretty big cold front that moved across the northern states last weekend.  And it brought with it, you guessed it, a whole lot of snow!! Some of that snow was dropped off in MN.  Or rather a whole lot of it was dropped off.  Almost two feet!!

The snow fall started on Saturday night and then did not stop till late Monday morning!!  It was so amazing to wake up on Sunday and see everything covered in white!!  Some times I wish that I could just pause time in those twilight hours when snow is covering the world and all is quiet.  I would get all dressed up in layers and just go wander in the beauty of a winter world.  
We did still wind up going to church that day thanks to a certain Canadian I know who is excellent at driving in the snow.....or at least better than me.  I kept asking a ton of questions like "How long do you think it will last?", "Are you sure everything will be open?", "You're sure the roads are ok?", "How much has it snowed?" You would think that living in Idaho would have cured me of my initial shock when snow shows up.....but it hasn't.  I am still a southern girl to the core in that regard. 

I am learning how to dress for snow!!  On Sunday I learned that tobagans (hats) are not just a fashion accessory in snow.  Sadly I only learned that lesson after I walked into church with soaking hair that had been dry no less than a half hour ago. :(

Where did your feet go!?

I could not believe how pretty the lane leading up to our complex was.  P.S. this picture was taken after we had gone to church.  

This is my favorite tree at our complex.  No mater the season it always seems to look the best. 

So yes, the snow is here to stay for a bit.  Wish me luck with learning how to drive in it.....and stay off the roads if you are out our way :)


  1. I think you mixed up a toboggan and a touque or tuque (sp) toboggan is a sled, touque is a hat. lol but maybe it is different in minnesota I love the pictures of snow. We probably won't get much here in walla walla.

  2. Sure do miss you guys!!! Would you believe that it is dry as a bone here in Rexburg. They may have their first NON-White Christmas in my 7 year here.. wow

  3. Lol, we call them toboggans in the south. It bugs Andrew so much when I call them that. Its one of our few long time arguments. :) And we miss you too Kelsie! No snow yet?? Weird. I would love to share with you guys :)